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About Course

Absolutely, analytical chemistry is a perfect fit for aspiring Chemical Technicians! The focus on meticulous analysis and practical lab skills aligns perfectly with the day-to-day tasks a Chemical Technician performs.

What Will You Learn?

  • Here are some potential board exam question areas that would be particularly relevant:
  • Sample Preparation: Chemical Technicians frequently prepare samples for analysis. Questions might cover proper techniques for:
  • Selecting representative samples (e.g., random vs stratified sampling)
  • Separating mixtures (filtration, centrifugation, etc.)
  • Dissolution and decomposition techniques
  • Chemical Separations: These are fundamental in isolating analytes for measurement. Questions could target:
  • Acid-base extractions
  • Solvent extraction
  • Precipitation techniques
  • Instrumental Analysis: Chemical Technicians often operate and maintain analytical instruments. Questions might involve:
  • Principles of operation for common instruments (e.g., UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography)
  • Calibration procedures
  • Troubleshooting basic instrument issues
  • Chemical Safety: Safe lab practices are essential. You might see questions on:
  • Proper handling of hazardous chemicals
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Waste disposal procedures
  • Chemical Calculations: Performing calculations is key to analytical chemistry. Questions could cover:
  • Concentration units (ppm, ppb, molarity, etc.)
  • Preparing solutions of specific concentrations
  • Basic stoichiometry problems
  • By understanding these areas and practicing relevant calculations, you'll be well-prepared for the analytical chemistry portion of your Chemical Technician board exams.

Course Content

Diagnostic Exam for Analytical Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

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